3 Web Design Tips to Increase Sales & Boost Conversions


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3 Web Design Tips to Increase Sales & Boost Conversions

3 web design tips

3 Web Design Tips to Increase Sales & Boost Conversions

In the past decade, digital revolution has changed the human world by 180 degrees. From socialization to businesses, everything is now done online. Businesses sell their products and services online trying various digital marketing tactics.

However, many businesses are still struggling to strengthen their online existence. Even with the best products and strategies, the leads do not convert. This is where intelligent web design comes into play. In today’s competitive market, having a website is not enough. It is critical for businesses to strategize their design in a way that hooks users and prompts them to take action.

If you too are struggling to boost sales via your website, here are top web design tips to implement in your website.

1. Putting important information in the right place

There may be a number of users coming to your website but if you are unable to convert them into customers, its highly likely that you have not placed the right information at the right spot.

For example your contact details should be immediately available and easy to locate for the user. Ideally, you include this information on top right of your header. After educating the user with your USPs and how you provide a solution to their problems, you need to include your contact details in the footer as well. This reminds the user to take action and contact you if they are interested in your pitch. It is recommended to also provide a map along with the contact information so that the users can find your physical store easily.

The strength of a design lies in its functionality. The UX of a website acts like a roadmap for the users where everything is laid down in a neat and organized manner. In a fast-paced world like today, users don’t have time to filter out important information amongst a clutter. Being innovative is good but you must keep the ease of user in your mind and place important information where the user expects to find it.



2. Clear call to actions

The call to action buttons also known as the CTAs play a critical role in increasing conversions. Your users may be well-aware but you still need to lead them through your funnel using clear call to actions. Every page on your website must include a CTA taking users to a cart, a sign-up page, a contact page or downloadable material. The call to actions are an important part of your overall strategy and need to align with your goals.

As per design, leave some white space around your CTA button for it to stand out. Use colors that are different from the rest of the design for the CTA to be easily distinguishable.  There is no particular color to stick with, it just has to be very prominent and clickable. Ideally, use a contrasting background so that emphasis is on the button.

Moreover, accompany your CTA with a strong headline and an appropriate button text. Research shows that a catchy headline increases 90% probability for users to read the button text as well. Use Sans Serif font for headings in your website or other fonts that go with the overall theme you have created. Make sure that you use readable, clear and bold fonts for headings.

3. Less is more

Contrary to the traditional flashy websites cluttered with information, web design has now moved to a minimalistic approach. When it comes to design, less is always more. Give your users information that is enough to convey your message rather than confusing them with a lot of mess.

Skilled designers know the art of creating compelling websites yet keeping them as simple as possible. Clean design is professional and gives your users a sense of credibility and trust. Messy designs are bad branding because they show that the service provider or business owner is confused about what exactly they are proposing.

With much emphasis on user experience and interface, simple designs are a must as they are easy to navigate. This also includes prioritizing your content based on visual hierarchy. Put important information in places where users expect them to be and avoid using fancy elements in your design. Apart from distracting the users, too many elements on your website increase the loading time, ultimately leading to higher bounce rates.

All in all, web design is not just about aesthetics and art, but it must also align with your business goals and objectives. Whether you already have a website or planning to launch one, revisit your design with the above points in your mind and apply fixes. We are more than glad to help if you need us to improve the user experience and optimize conversions in your web design. Call us @ 1(877)749-3082 or shoot an email @ Support@technerds.com for engaging web designs that can effectively drive sales.

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