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4 ways Tech Nerds CRM will make you more connected to your project.

4 ways

4 ways Tech Nerds CRM will make you more connected to your project.

In this technological world while everyone focuses on figuring out how to execute tasks for their projects, we have an urge to actually build the project and deliver it in a sophisticated and anxiety free manner.

Now you can track the complete progress of your project with advanced reporting tools. Our cutting-edge Customer Relationship ManagementSystem, partners with you to take lead on your projects and get things done in an efficient and effective method.

All the hassle of what has been missed, all the anxiety of meeting deadlines has been taken care of in this simply designed CRM.

Here’s how our customer relationship management system can help you be confidently in control even with a remote team:


Easy to use

Hate complex dashboards?

We do too.

This simple yet advanced CRM has the most extensive features set for your ease. It’s friendly user interfacefacilitates collecting, organizing, and managing your information.

With our years of experience building digital products for a diversified clientele we have devised a systematic process that not only cuts time and cost, but also reduces margin of error. With the help of our CRM the partnerships we cultivate are always goal-oriented to deliver results!

Your Agency


Your Agency at your Fingertips

Outsourcing your project and finding different freelancers or companies to effectively complete your tasks within expected time and cost is a hassle and can bediscouraging, especially if your new to the digital world.

And the problem doesn’t end here.

You get more curious about your project, the scope of the project and waiting for hours to days and even months to figure out if you actually are where you think during your journey.

You hate the feeling of being in dark about where your money is being spent, how much of the milestones have been achieved, whether allocated resources are performing ideal duties to ensure you actually get the final product you had in mind?

You get surrounded with tons of unanswered questions.

Finishing and developing a project requires a synergy of interaction and mutual support.

But don’t worry – it’s easy with Tech Nerds Digital Agency.

That’s why after hundreds of successfully executed projects, Tech Nerds brings a Client centric approach with our sophisticated customer relationship management tool whichserves an agency at your fingertips from idea to execution.

We believe in putting your recommendation on the table at first, because that’s the real essence of the project involving your vision and values.

When you see things being done and have the control to allocate relevant tasks and put in your suggestions, you get even more involved which builds and leads to effective communication, proactive production and a results driven project.




Your satisfaction with the progress and results of your project is guaranteed via:

  • Organized Data

Accurately quantify and categorize data for easy future reference.

  • Quick Access Anywhere

CRM is cloud-based and accessible from any device with an internet connection; the communication benefits of mobile CRM are not limited to your home or your workplace.

  • Locating Problems

Our experienced project managers, armed with past information and history, will be able to find a solution within the minutes.

  • Download/upload mandatory documents

Exchanging of documents will be made easier, you will be able to download and upload documents in one place.

what can you


What can you do with Tech Nerds Client Relationship Management Tool?

Once we have you on-board and working on your project you will have control over these features:

  • Exclusive Access to Private Client Dashboard
  • Create tasks with priority levels*
  • Upload documents and share with your team
  • Track tasks and get solutions
  • View and download performance reports
  • View and Pay invoices


At Tech Nerds, we believe in making partners not clients and keeping you satisfied is our top priority. Whether you are tech geek or some digital novice, you can get the most out of your project and vision with this easy to access and super friendly CRM.

Don’t put your project at risk

Don’t burn your money

Use our quality CRM tool for your next digital product, and experience seamless execution for all your digital and business needs.

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