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4 ways

4 ways Tech Nerds CRM will make you more connected to your project.

September 12, 2018

In this technological world while everyone focuses on figuring out how to execute tasks for their projects, we have an urge to actually build the project and deliver it in a sophisticated and anxiety free manner. Now you can track the complete progress of your project with advanced reporting tools....

Online Business

How to Start a Profitable Online Business

August 9, 2018

When you own an online business, you set your own hours and can work from anywhere to make a living on the internet. Online business can have low startup costs which makes them perfect for a new entrepreneur starting with less cash. Follow these steps to start a business online:...

How to Hire a Website Designer and Not Get Burned-min

How to Hire a Website Designer and Not Get Burned

July 27, 2018

Poor Communication, under-delivering, bad code, and over-promising. These are just the usual doubts of why hiring a web developer to build your website can be a risky ordeal. At Technerds, we spend a lot of time in remedying unmet expectations and fixing bad code. In fact, 30% of our web...

blog design

The 3 Step Process to Building a Business Website: Design, Develop, Deploy

July 20, 2018

No matter what your experience level is, launching a website is a nerve-racking and complicated task. In fact, anything could go wrong, ranging from small (a spelling mistake) to the large (pictures resolution and site redirect issues). At Technerds, we create our own checklist to follow best and careful practices...


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