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Custom Website Vs Template Website


Custom Website Vs Template Website

A business owner always looks to save money and make his business more profitable. Just like your office appearance and marketing material, a professional image of the website is also a key to success. If your business appears more professional, your appearance in the market will become more credible.
Many business owners don’t understand the difference between a template and a custom web design. Investing in technology is an important part of a business but without understanding the technology it is not possible to gain advantages related to it. Once you have made the decision to go for digital technology (website) it is now important for you to decide to choose a template or a custom made website for your product or service.



Template web design


The most common practice to start a website is to acquire a template from WordPress site. This website provides a wide range of website templates with different themes available for purchase. It is also a fact, that not all of the templates and themes are 100% responsive. There are more services like Squarespace or Wix that also provide a theme and enables you to edit within the frame of the website. One thing should be kept in mind before designing a website is that templates come with incorporated features so that the user can customize easily. This, on the other hand, weighs down the websites in terms of SEO performance and load speed. There can be the features, functions, or designs that won’t necessarily fit your brand. One more disadvantage of using a template is that it might not be written in the same code format which makes it impossible for a developer to fix it.

Custom Built Websites


Custom web design


Custom built website means that there is a whole team behind your business. The process starts with creative thinking, who do you want to reach, who is your target audience, and what functions your business needs on this website. There are some rules to abide when building a website, and not all templates are capable of abiding by these rules. This is why big companies used custom-made websites so that the developer can optimize the site during the development process. This requires a month or a year to build a custom website because everything is being built for a particular business and audience. Custom design allows the website to be user-friendly across all devices such as smartphones, laptops, pc, and tablets.

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