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How to Hire a Website Designer and Not Get Burned

How to Hire a Website Designer and Not Get Burned-min

How to Hire a Website Designer and Not Get Burned

Poor Communication, under-delivering, bad code, and over-promising. These are just the usual doubts of why hiring a web developer to build your website can be a risky ordeal. At Technerds, we spend a lot of time in remedying unmet expectations and fixing bad code. In fact, 30% of our web development work is crisis clean up from past developer mishaps. A web designer is as good as the last job he has done. Before hiring a web designer, it is important for you to be convinced of his services. The test comes in finding the right person for the right job, but how to determine whether someone is fit for the job? Here are some of the problems and their solution:

Communication Issues when hiring a web designer

Sometimes it happens when details are chronically missed or it takes a few days to hear back about anything. In fact, many people have noticed that there emails somehow mysteriously disappear. Communication is the basic key to the success of a business project both in expectations and in execution. Unfortunately, communication is the basic problem of many developers.

How to avoid?

Before hiring a developer, talk about communication expectations first and abide by them yourself. It is true that developers are famous for their poor communication during business projects, this problem is often created by a client’s poor communication. Do some research, understand your project, and then communicate with the developer. Present your ideas because you understand your business better than the developer.

The Bosses Nephew

The saying is true that don’t hire family or friends to build your website. We have many clients who come to us after they signed up for “the family and friends discount” and got a poor coding problem which took almost two times as long as it should have.

How to avoid?

Simply don’t hire friends or family, or let them gain experience first and then hire them because they know the technology but they don’t know how to use it.

The Guru

Today there are many people who read Wikipedia and confidently starts acting like a technology or tech guru. Most of the time these “guru’s” are under-delivering and over-promising to believe until they show references.

How to avoid?
No matter how creative or smart that they seem, always call their references.

Moral of the Story

Even simple websites build have the tendency to go epically wrong. Take the time to do your due persistence, it will definitely make the difference in the end.

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