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Reinventing the landscape market with Yardhopp


Reinventing the landscape market with Yardhopp

Tech Nerds created an app for new entrepreneurs Daniel Beals and Joshua Page in supply/demand market led by mobile division director & Co-Founder Ahmad Khan to change the way landscape market has been conducted.


The idea was to connect vendors and customers looking for/ providing Lawn Care services all in one place. Our team worked together with them to conceive the idea and suggest cutting edge technological tools to build a fun brand. We tackled everything from idea to execution by assisting and partnering up with the client and enhanced their marketing ability to provide them the things that they need to create hustle about their product.

They wanted to drive highly qualified traffic with increased conversion rates through an interactive app and we were able to accomplish their goals by providing the right tools from professional and dynamic experiences that we have gathered over the years in this industry.

Yardhopp at Collision Expo 2018

07YardHopp Team at Collision Expo 2018
The entire team of Yardhopp and tech nerds was very excited when we got the chance to present our pitch at collision expo 2018 – the fastest growing tech conference in America with over 25,000 attendees. We received an overwhelming response at the expo where investors couldn’t wait to see the landscaping industry being operated at finger tips.


ae2f37d1-09bc-4345-ac2e-845d8bc215e8(Joshua Page, Daniel Beals, Shannon, & CEO of Tech Nerds Imran Khan setting up at Expo)

Tech Nerds broke down YardHopp’s project into five comprehensive steps and set up weekly and bi-weekly calls to keep YardHopp wholly involved throughout the project. While Imran Khan (CEO – tech nerds) was involved in directly assisting the client with idea and devised a practical approach to get it executed, the dedicated project manager worked with trained operations team to create a fully functional digital solution ready to be deployed in the market.

1. The first phase in the process was thorough research and discovery phase where Tech Nerds researched the industry trends and planning and the objectives of YardHopp. With an in-depth analysis, we identified the micro and macro trends of the industry and were able to create an effective site map and blueprint for enhanced user experience.

2. Next, came the design visualization phase where we laid out the look and feel of the app based on our findings from the research and discovery phase. Tech Nerds and YardHopp worked together to come up with an engaging design that put the brand’s message across and was interactive for the users. Once the design mockups were approved, we moved to the third phase. (We also setup the landing page for YardHopp to keep prospects interested until the app is launched).

3. The app development phase is where the front and back end programming took place. We have successfully developed the beta version of the app and we plan on having it launched this summer 2018.

4. The most recent phase in the process is the app’s marketing and promotional campaigns. Daniel and Joshua put their innovative ideas to work with the assistance of our design team to prep and deliver the needed items. Together, we were able to create a strong impact in the Denver and across Colorado, as well as across multiple states in the US.

05(Daniel Beals and Shannon sitting with their innovative life-size demo iPhone)


01 Daniel and Shannon representing YardHopp at Fox Business.

  • Networking with multiple diversified industries with relative database leads for service providers and customers
  • Established healthy relationships with handful of investors who’s interest has sparked to discuss further details and provide more in-depth plans before and after launch, as far as financial needs, marketing activities, and resource management.
  • We had dozens of new customers and even service providers who signed up at and are anxiously waiting for Yardhopp mobile apps to kick off so they can immediately start using
  • Overall, the impact and the event resonated well with Yardhopp vision and reassured that the digital product is on a high-rise demand when initiated with public eyes.

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  • 6Marketing Strategy and Campaigns

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