What Every Business Must know about Digital Marketing in 2018


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What Every Business Must know about Digital Marketing Trends in 2018

Digital Marketing Trends

What Every Business Must know about Digital Marketing Trends in 2018

Four months already into 2018 and your business is not closing enough sales as expected.  Have you wondered why? You might be losing your customers to competitors who are digitally advanced. Technology has penetrated every possible medium of human lives and brands can no longer stick to obsolete traditional marketing. It is of critical importance for businesses to lace themselves with modern digital marketing tools in order to satisfy the needs of a tech-savvy customer.

Digital marketing trends that have existed in tech discussions for the past decade are now surfacing. We are experiencing an immense change in how brands are approaching a target audience that lives by mobile devices and the internet. Any business who wants to win over customers in 2018, must know and apply these top 3 digital marketing trends to its marketing strategy.

1. Machine Learning Aids Personalized Marketing

Hitting the industry in 2017, Machine Learning is one of the top digital marketing trends that will change the face of marketing forever. Marketers need deep insights into consumer behavior to create strategies that will drive more sales. With machine learning, businesses get access to customer data in real time and thus create personalized content that addresses underlying concerns.

Copywriters particularly can craft better and effective ads by getting an in-depth content analysis based on how the audience responded to their ads. This gives new directions to behavioral marketing and puts brands in a better position to evaluate their marketing efforts. Less common applications of machine learning are also observed in data automation and prediction.

2. AI-powered Chatbots address queries on the go

We have all used a Chabot and know both its uses and limitations. Custom built chatbots were somewhat better in responding to customer queries as compared to third-party integrations (like opium). Nonetheless, improvements were needed. With AI technology making its way to the mainstream, Chatbots will play a critical role in answering queries and providing on spot and tailored responses.

One intelligent example of Chabot and AI together can be seen implemented at H&M. They have built their bot to be a personal stylist that recommends clothing based on your style by scanning your social photos. Other brands with digital presence are also focusing on AI to improve customer experience and close sales. To reduce shopping cart abandonment and offer tailored responses to customers, brands can leverage AI technology in a number of ways.


3. Augmented reality encourages interactive marketing

Augmented reality is a stepping stone in how customers interact with businesses and aid marketing decisions. This year many popular brands have included AR in their marketing strategy to engage with customers in a more efficient manner.

The best part about AR marketing is that the customers can experience a 3D image of the product they are interested in buying. Customers have the ability to view digital products in a physical form even on their mobile devices. One recent example of AR technology is IKEA who have developed an app that enables customers to virtually preview the entire product prior to buying using augmented reality.

These are the top trends in digital marketing for 2018 that are reshaping how marketers approach customers. If your brand is not using these tools as of yet, it is high time you take note and implement state of the art technologies in your marketing strategy.

To gain control over your marketing efforts and evaluate your investment it is critical that you introduce these latest trends for your business growth and success. If you are interested in learning more about optimizing your digital marketing feel free to drop us a line at info@technerds.com

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